Thursday, September 22, 2016

Poara wintana Visits PARKVALE School

Poara wintana Visits      PARKVALE School     

At 9AM July 30Th At Parkvale school, The famous basketball player Paora Winitana had surprised the kids by Coming to the school to Have A Visit at ParkVale assembly time. Paora had talked to the students about the 5 Olympic Values Pursuit Excellent,Respect,fair play,Friendship and Enjoyment. 

          Paora made kids laugh using The teachers at the school (Kieren Moriarty,Yvette Pohe and Andrew Dickson). He also got some kids up there names were navjot and keisha had to perform some tricks they looked great up on stage . 
 it was time to go but wait poara had a different idea he thought  it wouldn't be a good time spent with out
A selfie it was a mighty fine one too. He also gave a student named Lucy Macken a lot of cards that had all the Olympic values which then She could give to the teacher to give to the students!  Well that's it for today and us reporter will see you guys a another day!

What was something you found tricky and why did you find it tricky?
At first it was tricky to make it look like a new paper writing because it was all muddled up.

What are you most proud of?
The way I made it look like a real news story.

What is 1 thing you need to improve upon?
Having more exciting and interesting facts.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Paralympic day!

Paralympic day!
On September 7th 2016, Kauri Hub had there official Paralympic Day! There were 8 activities in total. There was a Reverse Bike Race, Ball Throw, Shotput, Sack Race and 4 other activities. 

The Hardest Activity we had to do was the reverse bike because we had to walk around a cone and come back while walking with the bike turned the other way around.

The Easiest Activity we had to do was the shot put because all we had to do is throw the ball as far as we can and the team with the furthest ball wins.

Calendar Art

This is my calendar Art, it's based on the Kuro and Bangladesh (My Country) as you can see the main colours are red and green, because the flag of Bangladesh is coloured green and red as you can see on my art (I also I have my flag on the top middle area.

The hardest thing for me was when I had to colour the kuros in because the ones on the sides are really close to each other.

Research of Rap

WALT ask open ended Questions and write full Answers

What is rap?
A rap has a rhythmic beat that goes over and over and an instrumental Drop(An Instrumental Drop Is when the music begins of slow then stops for about a second then goes fast). Raps usually are made to send a message. The instruments that are used are Drums, Synthezier, Guitar, bass, Kick, snares, claps, hi-hats and samples. Need loops and loud beats to hear singing and beat
What is the history of Rap?
West Africans and Caribbean islanders started telling stories in a rhythm and to a beat of the drum. Rapping became popular in the 1970’s in U.S. Rap was also a kind of street art among African Americans Teenagers. In the 1970’s a group named the SugarHill Gang  released a new hit, called rappers delight and then by 1980 White Rap bands such as the Beastie Boys and a girl rap band named Salt-n-Pepa  were also becoming very famyyous.In the 1990’s rapping went from simple lyrics to complex lyrics.
Who created the Olympic values and why ?why?
Pierre de Coubertin was the man that made the Olympic values. He made the Olympic values because he wanted the Olympians to pursue excellence, enjoy the effort, have balanced minds, bodies and character, show fair play and respect others.

Here is Pierre de Coubertin.

Our design project was to make a rap that explained the Olympic values.Here is our Olympic rap based on the Olympic values

The Olympic Rap

Sameer: The Olympic values, they have their pride,
Sameer: they are dancing with joy, oh! Just nevermind.
Jeevanjot: And don't forget the fair play, ya know, it's so awesome, LET'S GO!Jeevanjot: The respect for others is overwhelming,
Sameer: I don't know what to say, maybe just don't give me a pounding?Jeevanjot: The positive is pretty good cause I know I'm rocking up that neighbourhood. Jeevanjot: Last but not least you gotta take it in and balance it out,
Sameer: your mind and body needs to work if you want to do

How We Made Our Olympic Rap        
What We Needed:
GarageBand (IPad App)
Collaboration Muscle
Google Docs/Paper
Words for rapGrowth mindset
Procedure of how we made our rap
First create the words that you will use in your rap.
Then use GarageBand to make the best music that fits your words.
Also,record your music. And your voice. Then put your voice and the music together.
After go save it and then you should be done!
Present the rap to your friends and family.
Here’s our rap in Audio Only
                  \Reflection/            ----------------------------------------------
Jeevanjot:I had a great time making our rap I was mostly on task I got distracted sometimes Cruze was not really doing any work but sameer was on task,I got back into to doing making our rap in the end we had to make a few changes and then we were done.

Sameer: It was a interesting and fun time to work with Jeevanjot and Cruze they both worked collaboratively with me. The most hardest thing for me was when we had to edit our rap and words so many times but at the end we were able to finish it.

Cruze: When we started to create the rap I knew it would be a hard task, I never thought we would get this far. The hardest thing for me was finding the person who created the Olympic values
And the music for the rap was hard as well as creating the words.                                                                                      


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Reflection for Blind Throw (Learning)

Building Learning Power - Reflecting on Blind Throw - P.E

What went well? Why? How?
The game went well because everyone was having fun and slowly learning the rules.

How did it feel as a Teacher when teaching (Boccia)
The kids were doing well except there were times when the game got out of hand.

One thing I could improve on is my explanation skills so I can give my instructions Cleary.

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Summary of Mustelids

This is summary of the book "catching mustelids" me and Coopa Murphy did this together.

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

My lost story and my reflection!

Lost in Cornwall Park warning fake…

One day me and my mum and dad and my sister went to Cornwall Park.
It was also a bit cold (maybe it will start raining).
However I wanted to go and feed the ducks… Excitedly I went to feed the ducks and my sister,mum and dad said they will go over to the bird cage and I said “ok I will come once I'm done”… after feeding the ducks I sprinted to the birdcage to go see what my family is doing. Terrifyingly I couldn’t find them, my heart started to pound but I said to myself “don't worry I will be all right...ya I will be ok…” I went searching again,guess what, now it started to rain! I was cold and saying to myself “will I survive?” Sooner I heard whispers of strangers, I felt even more worried now.
I RAN to this bush place I saw,and hid there And thought to myself “what if my family is worried about me?” Weird enough I heard sounds coming from the bush that made me get freaked out...So I ran again to the duck pond (hoping I would see them) and saw lots of ducks but no mum,dad or Naisa (my sister).

The leaves were crinkling, I was starting to freak out.
And so I jogged back to the birdcage…all I could hear was birds crackling.
But then,I thought of an idea… “Why don't I go to the pathways which you walk around the pond?” Finally I went their checking if they were there or not. infact there was just some really random people and more ducks (does Cornwall have half a Dozen of ducks or something?).
Wet and Sad I slowly walked to a Tree I found and sat their wondering if my family will ever find me...Guess what happened next, Another duck came to me and Quacked. (Okay this park has never ending DUCKS!!!)

I was mad,sad and also wet and Annoyed that I couldn’t find my family.
Soon I heard more noises, so I went to check who or what it was and guess WHAT I SAW...MORE DUCKS (seriously WHAT ON EARTH)
Another idea popped into my head “why don't I go to the car park across that tunnel?” I jogged through the tunnel and saw My family’s Car! I started to feel excited, very excited! I saw my Mum and Dad so I sprinted across from one side of the road to the other and hugged them and said “I was so worried about you guys!” They said that they were worried also! My heart slowed down and I started feeling more happy rather than sad,mad and sick. Guess what another DUCK CAME AND Quacked!

DUCK = The Most annoying Thing in the world.
CORNWALL PARK = a Beautiful park full of wonder.
POUND = big beating noises.

Friday, April 08, 2016

Summarising Task

room 1211 had to do a task about summarising a book called Polar Bears: surviving in the arctic.
this is what I did.

Visual dictonary

here is our vocab task we did to learn about words we don't know about.
This task helps people with words they don't know about.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thank You Letter

This is my Thank you letter to my mum for being the best mum ever
It's an acrostic poem which means like choosing a word like mum and doing words beside the letters which has the start of the letter check the example down below....which will make a whole lot more sense:
As you can see it has
THANK YOU PINKY down the side and the words beside the letters...
That it a acrosticpoem 
For my mum!

Friday, February 12, 2016


FNAF world is a Kid friendly Version of Five nights at Freddys (the Horror game) and it's also a RPG STYLE GAME.
The game includes up to 40 different characters Like for example: 
Freddy,Chica,Bonnie and Foxy And 36 other Animatronics :)
It's mostly an Adventoures Story game Made by Scott Cawthon (the creator of FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDYS).
It also includes many many bosses BUT I'm not going to tell you everything so you'll have to figure it out yourself ;) 
Here are some pics of the game:

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

5 Things about me!

Five Things About Me!
1. I am really interested in all sorts of insects and arachnids!

2. I have a Cute tabby kitten named Lily :)

3.I love all kinds of maths!

4.I love playing games and doing work with Technology 

5.I have a cool team called the BUSCAS TEAM